Different Taps In The Kitchen

The tap is central to any kitchen. You can skimp on a lot of things when designing your house but this should not be one of them. It is so important for daily activities that it merits those extra pounds, if need be. Go for a trusted manufacturer with a long warranty and high quality materials. You want something that will not corrode so easily as rust will affect the colour, taste, and smell of the water coming out of it. There are several designs that you can choose from. They will differ in their combinations of faucet, valves, and mounting points.

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Single Lever Mixer

This is the most basic design with a single faucet for the water to come out of, a single valve to control the flow, and a single mounting point to simplify the installation. In some designs, the faucet and the valve are separate so there are two mounts. If you don’t want a complicated system, then this is for you. You can save space on your counter, as well as time and effort. It is perfect for people who love to do things by themselves. You could upgrade your current setup without hiring a contractor by purchasing this kind of tap.

Bridge Mixer

One of the disadvantages of the single lever mixer is the lack of options. If the only valve or mounting point happens to fail for whatever reason, then you will not be able to use the whole tap at all. There could be a blockage that will prevent you from washing your hands or preparing food. There might be a leak that will lower the pressure and waste a great deal of water. You will have to have to pay higher monthly bills or even deal with kitchen flooding. With a bridge mixer, there is only one faucet but there are two valves and mounting points so you have another option. Just close the faulty one in the meantime. This setup is also great for mixing hot and cold water.

Pillar Taps

For the ultimate in redundancy, you could have two of each vital component in your kitchen tap. Have double the number of faucets, valves, and mounting points to eliminate all worries. It isn’t that much harder to install compared to bridge mixers although you do have to create two holes instead of one on the counter. The valves are usually found on the top of the assembly. It is a good setup to have if you want separate faucets for hot and cold water instead of mixing them.

Note that there are a lot of units in which the faucet can be pulled out for a versatile spray. This is great if you are washing something heavy or delicate that you cannot move around too much. You can move the spray instead as the hose is long and flexible enough for the job. Some tap models have both a regular faucet and a pull-out spray for the utmost in versatility.